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  1. The Agilent 6230 time-of-flight LC/MS (LC/TOF) system allows you to upgrade from unit mass measurements to accurate mass for even more confident compound identification beyond conventional LC/MS detection. It delivers full-spectrum LC/TOF data for screening, profiling, and identification of analytes
  2. A time-of-flight mass spectrometer (TOFMS) consists of a mass analyzer and a detector. An ion source (either pulsed or continuous) is used for lab-related TOF experiments, but not needed for TOF analyzers used in space, where the sun or planetary ionospheres provide the ions. The TOF mass analyzer can be a linear flight tube or a reflectron
  3. TOF Error is displayed in the status monitor. Label stock will not load automatically or printer does not detect the label stock. (LX2000). Answer. The LX2000 is not properly sensing the gaps between the labels on your label roll. (TOF = Top of Form) Check the following settings

Detektor kouře a teplotní čidlo vás ochrání před požárem. Detektor kouře váš dům ohlídá před požárem. Může to dělat několika způsoby: buď detekuje kouř, nebo má čidlo reagující na stoupající teplotu, či dokonce na zápach spáleniny. Každý typ se hodí do jiného prostředí Hodnocení produktu: 89% 89% (Perfektní) 33 recenzí. detektor Nový detektor kovů Minelab Go Find 66 je určen pro začínající a mírně pokročilé hledače. Disponuje řadou pokročilých funkcí, skvělou citlivostí a dosahem Time of flight detectors (TOF) determine charged particle velocity by measuring the time required to travel from the interaction point to the time of flight detector, or between two detectors.As was written, scintillation counters (especially with organic scintillators) can provide excellent time resolution and therefore they can be used as a time of flight detector to discriminate between a. The TOF detector has a cylindrical shape, covering polar angles between 45 degrees and 135 degrees over the full azimuth. It has a modular structure with 18 sectors in φ; each of these sectors is divided into 5 modules along the beam direction Time of Flight (ToF) technology has become more popular because of its high performance features and has been widely adopted for various applications. This system incorporates the ISL29501 ToF IC to provide an efficient solution that is easy to design and control, while also achieving accurate wide range distance measurement

Comparison with STMicroelectronics Custon d-ToF 95 Comparison with Apple iPhone 8 plus and X/Xr/Xs' Proximity Sensor: Package, FoV, Optical Blocking Package, SPAD Detector & VCSEL, SPADs Manufacturing Process 102 o Global Overview SPAD Sensor Die Front-End Process & Fabrication Unit o Filter Front-End Process Flo A common form of mass spectrometry is time of flight (ToF) mass spectrometry. In this technique, particles of the substance are ionised to form 1+ ions which are accelerated so that they all have the same kinetic energy. The time taken to travel a fixed distance is then used to find the mass of each ion in the sample. Stage 1 - Ionisatio

Heureka.cz vám poradí, jak vybírat Detektory. Vybírejte si Detektory podle parametrů a srovnávejte ceny z internetových obchodů na Heurece The TOF-SIMS detector (Time-of-Flight secondary ion mass spectrometer) enables very sensitive surface analysis for many industrial and research applications. The technique provides detailed elemental and isotopic information about the sample and is capable of depth profiling analysis Time of Flight (ToF) The mass analyzer this article will focus on is, time-of-flight (ToF). The principle of ToF mass analyzer involves the separation of ions based on the time it takes for the ions to travel through a flight tube with known length and reach the detector. 2 The trajectory of the ions through a ToF mass analyzer depends on its momentum and kinetic energy due to an applied. Building Entry Detector (ToF-based) Back to top Time of Flight (ToF) technology has become more popular because of its high performance features and has been widely adopted for various applications. This system incorporates the ISL29501 ToF IC to provide an efficient solution that is easy to design and control, while also achieving accurate.

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ToF is the measurement of the time taken by an object, particle or wave to travel a distance. By modulating the amplitude, it creates a light source of a sinusoidal form with a known frequency which allows a detector to be able to determine the phase shift of the reflected light and by using the formula Time of flight (ToF) sensors Our time of flight products, tools, and development kits enable the next generation of optical sensing systems for factory automation, building automation and appliances. Fully customize every aspect of your design using TI's time of flight chipsets in your long-range distance measurements, obstacle detection or avoidance applications AB2: TOF Pig Detector - express ticket / mode switching... I used a TOF express ticket with video ad backup. I got porked 3 times between floor 20 and 25! Te..

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  1. e the diagram of a reflectron TOF mass analyzer. What is the order of ions reaching the detector in the reflectron time of flight mass spectrometer
  2. es the time required by the ion of different size and charge ratio that takes to travel the length of the flight tube. The ion starts traveling at the same time where the small and lighter sized ions travel faster to the detector than the larger and heavier one
  3. TOF (Time of Flight) Mass Analyzer. TOF Analyzers separate ions by time without the use of an electric or magnetic field. In a crude sense, TOF is similar to chromatography, except there is no stationary/ mobile phase, instead the separation is based on the kinetic energy and velocity of the ions. Figure 2: A TOF system

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V analyzátoru TOF jsou měřeny doby letu iontů. Detektor obsahuje záznamové zařízení. Výstup je veden do elektrometrického zesilovače, kde je signál upraven pro další, většinou počítačové zpracování. 4769 11 50 MALDI-TOF MS analýza mikroorganismů MALDI-TOF MS je rychlá technika pro identifikaci prokaryot, analýzu. Data Quality Customer feedback highlighted the need for a small, simple LC-MS system that generates the highest possible data quality. The BioAccord was developed to meet these requirements, while also delivering the chromatographic resolution, mass resolution, sensitivity, mass accuracy and linearity to meet the needs for a wide range of routine biopharmaceutical analyses - 30 years ago TOF detectors used scintillators typically.! - Today, to improve the TOF resolution significantly, one has to use a quartz! radiator producing the Cherenkov light. The new TOF counters ! measure a combination of time and photon position, where both time and! position are together in the maximum likelihood. ! 1/15/13! J

Was ist Flugzeit - TOF Detektor - Definition Dezember 17, 2019 von Nick Connor Flugzeitdetektoren ( Time of Flight Detectors, TOF ) bestimmen die Geschwindigkeit geladener Teilchen, indem sie die Zeit messen, die erforderlich ist, um vom Wechselwirkungspunkt zum Flugzeitdetektor oder zwischen zwei Detektoren zu gelangen Time of Flight Detector (TOF) Advanced Performance TOF Detectors Together with our partner we can provide a wide range of Time of Flight (TOF) detectors to support portable, ultra-fast and bi-polar instruments. Each TOF detector from our partner is designed to provide the most accurate sample analysis and includes our unique TruFlight MCPs. We.

4-quadrant delay line detector for parallel multi hit detection of electrons, ions, UV and X-ray with burst count rates of above 100 MCPS. Typical applications: Particle detection with extremely high burst count rates in pulsed experiments, e.g. mass spectrometry (TOF-SIMS, RIMS, MALDI). Additional information (PDF) icp TOF s laserovou ablací (LA), umožňuje realizovat chemické mapování až padesátkrát rychleji v porovnání s konvenčními hmotnostními spektrometry, vysoké hmotnostní rozlišení umožňuje zapomenout na problém řady interferencí, např. na interference 34 S + a 18 O 16 O + nebo rozlišení forem, v nichž se prvek. The TOF/Spot is a compact yet powerful measuring system with the widest range of application possibilities. It offers ultra-reliable detection and exact detection range setting. Support Request. TOF/Spot. A comfort sensor that can be used without a background. Features. Summary. Rapid identification of pathogens is important in the survival of patients undergoing a septic event. MALDI-TOF MS technology has played an important role in rapid identification, which has led to a reduction in the time to appropriate antibiotic therapy and contributed to the improvement of patient outcomes

The EI-TOF is a fast, sensitive detector for gas chromatography (GC) or GCxGC A compact, electron impact (EI) mass spectrometer with a heated capillary inlet. Available in bench-top and field-deployable formats IONTOF: TOF-SIMS products for time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry and LEIS products low energy ion scattering and ion scattering spectroscopy (iss). Company for products for surface analysis, surface spectrometry, surface imaging, depth profiling, retrospective analysis and 3D analysi

Largeacceptance TOF coverage is integral to the STAR detector design. The im-portanceofthe capability provided by large acceptance TOF wasunderscored in the 1996 review by NSAC of STAR's proposal for Additional Experimental Equipment. At that time, the TOF detector technology proposed was based on mesh-dynod The Detector; The Time of Flight (TOF) Counters Two planes of Time of Flight (TOF) counters, shown in Figure 1, are located above and two planes below the magnet. Each plane contains eight or ten scintillating paddles. Each paddle is equipped with two or three photomultiplier tubes on each end for efficient detection of traversing particles

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올바른 근접 감지 기술을 선택하기가 어려우십니까? 인포그래픽을 읽고 ToF(Time of Flight)를 비롯하여 TI가 제공하는 각 기술의 장단점을 빠르게 확인하세요 TOF Detector World's most popular TOF detector. This patented design features sub-nanosecond pulse widths and 50 ohm impedance matched anode for fast, clean output pulses. Also available in High-Temp and Conflat flange versions. 25 mm Advanced Performance TOF Detector Offers twice the collection area of a standard 18 mm TOF an

TOF-MS is a very accurate and robust method for measuring the mass to charge ratio of an ion. In TOF analysis, all ions are accelerated through an electric field of a known strength, and the time it takes these ions to reach the detector over a known distance is measured. The heavier the ion, the longer it takes to get to the detector to run a pedAsPhys with TPC+TOF and once the system hangs you can check on the platform where and how that busy is generated. If you look at John's diagram the busy is an OR of three inputs. I claim that the TOFp DAQ Busy (Jorway41 J11) is cleared. However, I am not sure about the L Se denomina MALDI por sus siglas en inglés Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization y TOF por el detector de iones que se acopla al MALDI y cuyo nombre procede también de sus siglas en inglés Time-Of-Flight. Técnica desarrollada en 1987 por el ingeniero japonés Koichi Tanaka. Consiste en una ionización suave del analito que provoca la vaporización de intactas moléculas termolábiles, no volátiles tales como proteínas y lípidos en un rango de peso molecular entre 2 a 20 kDa, a. The standard detector for MALDI-TOF mass spectrometers is a microchannel plate, which acts as an electron multiplier for ions reaching the detector. Detector responses relate to the number of ions reaching the detector and ion velocities Select Detector Setup and click Start (on the right). On the tune page, infuse leucine enkephalin at a flow rate and capillary voltage to give a stable beam (5e5-1e6 cps in Positive Ion mode). Adjust the counts by controlling the capillary voltage, cone voltage, concentration, or flow rate

K stanovení vyšších molekulových hmotností se používá ionizace laserem za přítomnosti matrice (MALDI, matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization) v kombinaci s detektorem doby letu (TOF, time-of-flight). Detektor umožňuje změřit dobu průletu a z ní lze vypočítat rychlost částice Another key element in the performance of a detector block is the scintillation crystal. Recent advances in this area have well enabled the development of TOF-PET systems , , . A scintillator crystal suitable for TOF-PET detectors, besides high stopping power, must also exhibit high initial photon intensity . This characteristic can be achieved. 1.2 3D TOF occupancy detection: body tracking and people counting Hello, my name is Larry Lee, system engineer for Texas Instruments 3D time-of-flight sensors. In this video, I will demonstrate TI 3D time-of-flight solutions can be used for occupancy detection and people counting timsTOF combines high ion mobility resolution with ultra-high resolution QTOF technology for optimal performance. imeX TM technology further boosts the functionality by making ion mobility resolution an adjustable parameter.. Investigate your sample in imeX survey mode for mobility-resolved full scans, and then extend your workflow with a detailed examination of selected compounds and precise. The α-TOF detector is a commercial MagneToF detector (ETP 14DM572), modified as shown in Fig. 2, Fig. 3. It consists of an impact plate, an internal circuit for generating a suitable potential, permanent magnets, and an electron multiplier. When an ion hits the impact plate of the MagneToF detector, secondary electrons are emitted and those.

FF Chamber and TOF detector 1000 mm 0mm 0mm 300mm 297mm 284mm in simulation Add physical process (Originally, an annihilation of a ҧoccurs at the top or bottom flange center) 1. Thermal energy of Hഥ + ion 2. Momentum from laser 3. Recoil momentum from positron detachment 4. Freefall under the gravity 5. Set the chamber hit position to an. Regionální centrum pokročilých technologií a materiálů (RCPTM) je vědecké centrum Přírodovědecké fakulty Univerzity Palackého v Olomouci, jehož hlavním cílem je chemický, materiálový a optický výzkum a transfer high-tech technologií do medicínské, průmyslové a environmentální praxe

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ToF LiDAR challenges: photon budget SNR(R) = P(R)Sλ M 2eB[(P(R)+P B)Sλ + I D]FM2 + 4kTB R 0 √ Sλ-Detector's sensitivity M -Detector's intrinsic gain I D -Detector's dark current F -Detector's excess noise factor B -Detection bandwidth P B -Background light optical power e -elementary charge; k -Boltzmann constant; T. Object Moved This document may be found her ToF는 결국 일반 카메라모듈처럼 디텍터(Detector) 에 추가로 Light emitter가 있다고 보시면 됩니다. 마치 카메라 플래쉬를 터트린다고 보시면 됩니다. 다른 부분은 방출하는 빛이 가시광선이 아닌 IR (적외선)인 것이죠 • The TOF detector is located in Hall - D of Jefferson Lab and is a part of the GlueX detector. • The TOF is placed in the forward region of the GlueX detector. It covers the end of the Barrel Calorimeter (BCAL) and is also in front of the Forward Calorimeter (FCAL)

TOF detector lecture, 19. august 2004 2 The TOF-Detector z 140 cm 4 cm 4 cm 279.5 cm 216 scintillator bars (ˇ 4 4 279:5 cm3), as cylinder directly outside of the COT 1 photomultiplier-tube at each end PMT + readout electronics measure time when collected charge is above threshold integratesthecharge withinatimewindow (ˇ 10 ns) MIT S. Menzeme Like other mass spectrometry methods, TOF-MS can analyze ions based on their mass-to-charge ratio. The sample to be analyzed is separated by liquid chromatography, similar to HPLC, and then the eluted molecules enter the interface so that the mobile phase can be removed before entering the mass spec detector.. Time-of-flight mass spectrometry utilizes a vacuum chamber The Operational Readiness Review of the STAR Time-of-Flight (TOF) Detector was held at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) on August 10-11, 2009. Provided below are excerpts from the reports of the review panel members regarding their findings in response to the review criteria they were asked to address TOF -- Time Of Flight sub-detector • A Time-Of-Flight system(TOF) for particle identification; time resolution is about 80 ps in the barrel, and about 110 ps in the endcaps, corresponding to a K/π separation of more than 2σ level up to about 1.0 GeV 2 ToF-SIMS instruments are also equipped with a powerful computer and software for system control and analysis. One of the key features of the ToF-SIMS software is the ability to perform retrospective analysis, that is, every molecule from the sample detected by the system can be stored by the computer as a function of the mass and its point of origin

It has a simple construction, consisting of an accelerator, a field-free region, a reflectron and detector inside a high vacuum chamber called a flight tube (Figure 17). TOF MS separates and detects ions of different m/z by measuring the time taken for the ions to travel through a field-free region. First, ions generated in an ionization unit are accumulated and introduced in pulses to a flight tube ion travels through the flight tube of a TOF mass spectrometer with a kinetic energy of 3.65 × 10 -16 J. This ion takes 1.04 × 10 -5 s to reach the detector. Avogadro's constant . (L) = 6.022 × 10 23 mol-1 Calculate the length of the flight tube in metres. Give your answer to the appropriate number of significant figures. Stepwise approac

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The TOF detector provides particle identification for charged particles and particularly complements the PID for particles below the momentum threshold of the barrel DIRC detector be-low 700 MeV/c. Due to the triggerless continuous readout a software trigger, based on a detecto You have no notifications See All. Quick links. FAQ; Get in Touch with U n_TOF is a pulsed neutron source coupled to a 200 m flight path designed to study neutron-nucleus interactions for neutron kinetic energies ranging from a few meV to several GeV. The neutron kinetic energy is determined by time-of-flight, hence the name n_TOF. The study of neutron-induced reactions is of large importance in a wide variety of. In that way, the detector receives ions of the same mass at (about) the same time. Thereby, this design for TOF mass analyzer has increased their resolution significantly. However, reflectron TOF analyzer is not suitable for analytes that are not stable enough to survive the electric field. The process of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. Figure 3

MALDI - TOF • Synonyms : MALDI, TOF - MS • MALDI- Term was coined in 1985 by Franz Hillenkamp, Michael Karas • Principle : velocity of ions depend on its mass & energy, the time taken by an ion to travel a specified distance (TOF) • Use : MALDI ionization & TOF of the ions to reach the detector as a parameter to measure m/z ratio An offline test of the α-TOF detector has shown that the time-of-flight detection efficiency for 5.48 MeV α-rays is more than 90% and yields a time resolution of 250.6(68) ps and an alpha-energy resolution of 141.1(9) keV

Time-of-flight (TOF) information can improve SNR of PET by localizing a positron annihilation point. The purpose of this study is to develop a TOF detector for brain PET having spatial resolution ≤ 2 mm and CTR ≤ 330 ps. PET detector module consisted of a 6 × 6 array of LYSO scintillators and a 4 × 4 array of 3 × 3 mm 2 MPPCs This property of TOF detection leads to quadratic over-sampling (higher point density per peak) of late TOF signals compared to those before the optimum, which have approximately constant peak width in time.16 Under the acquisition and mass focusing conditions used in this work, the TOF optimum was below 40 μs (~6.5 kDa). To achieve the broadest mass coverage with the highest possible sampling rate, we used a 500 MHz sampling frequency in 2-100 kDa range Quad vs. TOF The Analyzer for your Analytical Instrument. Since 1998 IONICON produces and develops PTR-MS instruments. Nowadays nearly all our analytical instruments are based on a TOF-MS. Learn why below and decide what type of detector is the best for your analytical objective

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A prototype TOF detector Without any source, Cosmic rays go through scintillators and make signals. Triggers are situated at center(0cm), 20cm, 40cm, 60cm, 77cm from center. Taking only coincidence data of 6 PMTs, we can measure the time resolutions, find time -position conversion factor and calibrate energy scale For any given interaction process the TOF spectrometer allows to determine the velocity vectors of all charged ejectiles emerging from the target by measuring the time of flight between the start and the stop detector as well as the point of impact on the stop detector Linear MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for reliable mass information. An affordable, robust option for all laboratories requiring routine manual or automated analysis of a wide variety of sample classes. High sensitivity system using a variable repetition rate 50 Hz N2 laser and a variety of target formats to meet all sample throughput requirements

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The ToF detector of the CB­TAPS experiment Alexander Ramseger, Physikalisches Institut, Rheinische Friedrich­Wilhelms Universität Bon A TOF MS typically consists of an ion source (pulsed or continuous), a mass analyzer and a detector. The mass analyzer used in TOF-MS can be either be a linear flight tube, applying a bented geometry the the flight path to reduce the influence of neutral particles (Poschenrieder type) or a employ one (V-type) or more reflectrons (W-type) to enhance the path lenght within a given flight tube MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry is a versatile analytical technique to detect and characterize mixtures of organic molecules. In Microbiology, it is being used as a rapid, accurate and cost-effective method for the identification of microorganism (bacteria, fungi and viruses) The STAR-TOF detector is a large acceptance device that is intended to significantly increase the particle identification (PID) capabilities of the STAR detector at RHIC. The STAR-TOF consists of an array of 120 trays of multi-gap resistive plane chamber (MRPC) modules that cover the entire acceptance of the STAR Time-Projection-Chamber (TPC) TOF Panel PHENIX TOF Detector 385cm 200cm TOF #2 2nd ARM 158AGeV Pb Target WA98 : 158AGeV Pb+Pb fixed target. View from Upstream TOF Pad Chamber Streamer Tube 2nd ARM: 4 tracking chambers and 5 panels of TOF. TOF performance at WA98 Pb+Pb 158 A GeV collision TOF resolution for al

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4 * @file tof_detector.h file contains the declaration of the class that. 5. detector 1040 1045 1050 m/z MALDI-TOF, linear 1046 1050 m/z MALDI-TOF, reflector + PIE 1041 1046 1051 m/z MALDI-TOF, linear + PIE PIE compensa tes - initial ener gy spread - initial spatial spread R efl ctor compensa es - remai nin y sp ad. 24 I nt roduc ioMALD - TOF/ OF_ve s 100623 MALDI-TOF The energy resolution is given by ΔE/E= 2 ΔT/T, where ΔE is the neutron energy resolution, ΔT is the time resolution of the detector, and T is the TOF of the neutron. Table 1 gives values for neutron and gamma ray TOF, wrap-around energy for 1.8 μs and 3.6 μs spacing and energy resolution for various flight path lengths assuming 1 ns.


The detector is tested in a commercial MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer with equimolar mixtures of proteins. The operating principle of the nanomembrane detector is based on phonon-assisted field emission from these silicon nanomembranes, in which impinging ion packets excite electrons in the nanomembrane to higher energy states A barrel-shaped scintillator hodoscope was developed as part of the time-of-flight spectrometer TOF operated at an external beam line of the cooler synchrotron COSY. The COSY-TOF spectrometer is used mainly to perform kinematically complete experiments on light meson production and proton-proton bremsstrahlung in proton-proton collisions for laboratory energies up to 2.5 GeV Photonis provides a wide range of Time of Flight (TOF) detectors to support portable, ultra-fast and bi-polar instruments. Each TOF detector from Photonis is designed to provide the most accurate sample analysis and includes our unique TruFlight MCPs s vysokým technickým potenciálem je hmotnostní detektor typu Time-Of-Flight (TOF). 2 Hmotnostní detektor BentchTOF-dx BentchTOF-dx hmotnostní analyzátor firmy ALMSCO patří mezi několik nových detektorů typu TOF, které se v poslední době objevily na trhu. Název napovídá, že se jedná o stolní přístroj

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Feature Detectors. Contents Roberts Cross Edge Detector - 2×2 gradient edge detector . Sobel Edge Detector - 3×3 gradient edge detector . Canny Edge Detector - non-maximal suppression of local gradient magnitude . Compass Edge Detector - 3×3 gradient edge detectors . Zero Crossing Detector - edge detector using the Laplacian of Gaussian operator . Line Detector - line (as distinct from edge. Here, we give a general introduction to the cryogenic detector types most applicable to TOF-MS including those types already used in several TOF-MS experiments. We review and compare the results of these experiments, discuss practical aspects of operating cryogenic detectors in TOF-MS systems, and describe potential near future improvements of. A radiation detector includes an array of detector pixels each including an array of detector cells. Each detector cell includes a photodiode biased in a breakdown region and digital circuitry coupled with the photodiode and configured to output a first digital value in a quiescent state and a second digital value responsive to photon detection by the photodiode

Wavelength discrimination (WLD) TOF-PET detector with DOI information To cite this article: Muhammad Nasir Ullah et al 2020 Phys. Med. Biol. 65 055003 View the article online for updates and enhancements. This content was downloaded from IP address on 08/04/2020 at 13:2 Moved Permanently. The document has moved here Detektoren in der Gaschromatographie. In Abhängigkeit von den aufzutrennenden Mischungskomponenten, der vorliegenden Konzentration, eventueller Matrixeffekte und der Weiterverwendung (z.B. Bestimmung mit einem weiteren Detektor) sind in der GC eine ganze Reihe von Detektoren gebräuchlich


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The present invention relates to for there is depth of interaction (DOI) coding to realize several crystal layout of flight time (ToF) PET (positron emission tomography) (PET) of high space, energy and timing resolution.Further it is proposed that have the several embodiments of the ToF DOI pet detector array of measurement of correlation, all measurements all show, trigger at the first photon. We have developed a novel detector, referred to as an $α$-ToF detector, for correlated measurements of atomic masses and decay properties of low-yield, short-lived radioactive isotopes using a multi-reflection time-of-flight mass spectrograph. By correlating measured time-of-flight signals with decay events, it will be possible to suppress background events and obtain accurate, high.

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